ChefRadius Prospector Features

The Three Key Functions

  • Select target prospects from the 600K professional kitchens in the UK
  • Research prospects, call and qualify
  • Steer and manage prospects through the 'pipeline' - see diagram at bottom of this page

Powerful Prospecting Tools

  • Map-based tools to review prospect options.
  • Pins coloured by prospect state, e.g. Qualified.
  • Filter by business type, prospect state, assigned owner, etc.
  • Download a one-page PDF for selected prospects.
  • View all information to-date, including contact history.
  • QR codes to quickly view, edit, call, message and email from mobile devices.

Prospect Targeting

  • Pick a target town / postcode.
  • Filter by business type.
  • One-click Google search for kitchen details.
  • Assign ownership and add to your prospects.

Search Single Prospects

  • Search by known information. (Partial name, postcode area, etc.)
  • Assign ownership and add to your prospects.

Prospect Editor / Viewer

  • One place to gather all relevant kitchen information. (Chef name, contact info, cuisine, menu / wine list links, etc.)
  • All information presented in a mobile-friendly format.
  • Record your actions. (Calls, notes, visits, etc.)
  • Request actions from other team members.
  • Set alarm reminders for yourself or others.
  • Place the prospect on your PDF queue.

Activity Reporting

  • Report all activity by prospect between specified dates.

Simple Navigation Throughout

  • Find target prospects near a particular business. (Fill your van routes)
  • Google search from anywhere you can see a prospect. (Editor, viewer, maps, etc.)
  • One-click print all your calls for the day as a single PDF.
  • QR codes on editor, viewer and PDFs, so you can open, edit, call and message on your phone.

User Management

  • Add, modify and suspend users

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