The easy ordering app for chefs,
restaurants, sommeliers and caterers.
The must-have app for suppliers.
I am a chef or a supplier...

Fed up with spending hours with a clipboard creating orders?

Spending too much time phoning different suppliers, who may or may not be there?

Fed up with receiving incorrect orders, wasting time trying to sort out the confusion?

You NEED ChefRadius!

Benefits for a Chef

The ChefRadius app has been designed to streamline and improve the chore of ordering by offering FREE (to chefs, sommeliers and caterers):

Effective, no fuss, simple to use platform on your phone, tablet or PC

Sends your orders straight through to your suppliers, saving you up to 80% of the time you spend ordering.

No more hanging around on the answerphone.

Error free deliveries and fewer returns.

WhatsApp like chat about orders

This free to use app features include:

  • Only one app for ALL your suppliers
  • Place FAST and concise orders
  • Repeat orders with just one click
  • Receive offers, product information and suggestions from your suppliers
  • Traceable orders across the whole kitchen 24/7
  • No more misheard or forgotten ingredients
  • Receive messages from your suppliers direct to your devices, so no time is lost if there is a problem
  • Keep a record of all your orders and messages
  • Upload images to send to your supplier
  • All your suppliers' catalogues in the palm of your hand 24/7
  • Request price lists and product information

Ordering made easy, one short video

Supplier Benefits

ChefRadius will revolutionise the why your work with your customers. Here are the key features of ChefRadius:

Simple fee structure, £1 per week that you get orders from a customer, how ever many orders

No Orders = No Fees

  • Receive clear and concise orders from your customers with SKUs, quantities, name of the establishment and the person that placed the order
  • Valued suppliers using ChefRadius could be exposed to over half a million UK catering establishments
  • Eliminates the time spent retrieving orders and listening to answerphone messages repeatedly
  • Simply print and pick - orders can be supplied with product location in the warehouse/bin number
  • Your catalogue in the chef's hand 24/7
  • Increased orders due to easier accessibility
  • Easy to use catalogue upload so your products can be live in a matter of minutes
  • You can even give us a spreadsheet of your catalogue, and leave the rest to us
  • Publish offers to all or some of your customers quickly
  • Upsell from your own branded store front
  • Chat directly with your customers
  • No up-front fees - incredibly cost effective

And last, but not least, our free to use prospecting app with nearly 500k kitchens in the FSA database

ChefRadius in Action

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