The EASY ORDERING app for Chefs, Restauranteurs, Sommeliers and Caterers

The MUST-HAVE app for Suppliers

Fed up with spending hours with a clipboard creating orders?

Spending too much time phoning different suppliers, who may or may not be there?

Fed up with receiving incorrect orders, wasting time trying to sort out the confusion?

The old way

The ChefRadius way

You NEED ChefRadius!

  • An easy to use app on your phone, tablet or PC that sends your orders straight through to your suppliers.
  • Receive messages from your suppliers direct to your devices, so no time is lost if there is a problem.
  • Keep a record of all your orders and messages.
  • Be able to upload images to send to your Supplier.
  • So easy to use and totally free for Chefs, Restauranteurs, Sommeliers and Caterers.
  • For Suppliers, a minimal fee - but ChefRadius will revolutionise the way you work:
    • it will save you a lot of wasted time and effort trying to decipher phone messages
    • you will receive your order on time or earlier, making picking faster and your staff more productive
    • you will have a clear written record of all orders
    • you will be able to contact your customer on any device and keep a record
    • confusion and disagreements will be a thing of the past
    • ChefRadius will save you very much more than it costs

So now you can relax and get on with what you're really good at!


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